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BTS with Bluesmiths

What started off as a 5 day work trip to Maui has now turned into 20! I totally did not expect to stay this long but every time I come to this beautiful little island, it somehow finds a way of keeping me here longer. I know I've said it before but maybe one day I'll end up staying permanently... ;)

Anyways as far the trip goes, I had such a blast working and shooting for Bluesmiths again this past week. They're a local company here on Maui that specializes in versatile waterwear and if you couldn't already tell by some of my previous posts, I love, love, love their product! Being the extremely active/outdoorsy girl I am, Bluesmiths outerwear literally caters to everything I love. From surfing, running, biking, yoga or just wearing these shirts with jeans, I can literally wear them anywhere I go.

Here's a few BTS shots of our awesome shoot! Xx

Photos by Franck Berthuot | @frankiebees

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Roaming With Reef

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