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My Workout Routine - Abs

Ladies, today I'm sharing with you all my ab workout! Again, any questions, please feel free to leave your comments below and I'll be sure and answer them! Also, make sure you always stretch for at least 15 minutes before and after your workout and drink plenty of water! Next post will be, my personal favorite, glutes and legs! Stay tuned!

 Photos by Franck Berthuot | @frankiebees


1. Bicycle Crunches - 25-35 reps. (Strengthens core and tones thighs)

2. Leg Drops - 25 - 35 reps. (This one is great for the lower stomach!) 

3. Mountain Climbers - 25 - 35 reps. (These are great for your core\balance\legs and arms.) Start in plank position. Bring knee to elbow. Alternate. 

4. Plank - Hold 1 minute (Because you can never do enough planks) ;)

2 minute break. REPEAT 3 TIMES!

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