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My Workout Routine - Running

Ladies, you've been asking for a while if I would share my workout routine with you guys and I have finally found time to do so! This is the first of many posts to come but today I'm sharing with you the key to all exercises, Running and Stretching! You can lift weights in the gym all day long but if  you’re aiming for a more lean/toned body (which most all women are) then running is your new best friend. I personally love to run in the sand, it’s less intensive on my knees vs running on pavement and it provides more resistance which will give you more of a workout in less time! So, for those of you that live near a beach, here’s my routine and tips for running in the sand. For those of you who don’t have access to sand or a beach, I recommend running trails vs pavement. Again it’s much less intense on your knees but trails are also uneven so that will require you to use more of your core! And If you want the resistance the sand provides, throw on a pair of ankle weights! 

Photos by Franck Berthuot | @frankiebees

Distance: 1 mile (sand) or 3 miles (trails). Run at your own pace but don't forget to push yourself! 

Every 1/2 mile I like to do 2 sets of sprints. In other words, run as fast as you possibly can for 15 seconds. Don’t forget to take a 1 minute breather in-between sprints.

Tip: If the dry sand becomes too intense, move to the waters edge and run along the wet sand. It's much more compact and will give your legs a bit of a break if need be but try and stay in the dry parts, it’s much harder but again that’s the point of working out! ;) 

Drink a ton of water and don't forget to stretch!!! 

Also, I am addicted to these shirts by Bluesmiths! They're so versatile. I can wear them while I'm running or surfing! They breathe like you wouldn't believe, are super comfy and they dry within seconds. A heavenly combination if you're always active like me! 

I'll be posting my workout routine for abs, glutes and legs next so stay tuned!!

Shirt - Bluesmiths | Shorts - Lululemon | Shoes - Nike 

Feel free to comment below with any questions and I'll be sure to answer them for you! Xx

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