Allowing her surroundings to influence and inspire her, whether it be her snow-capped hometown of Lake Tahoe, or a city on the other side of the world that she has yet to discover, Daniella's passion for experiencing cultures is what sparked her love for indigenous travel. "I find that it's difficult for me to have a certain muse... I have an appreciation for all walks of life, and I like to find inspiration in places where no one else would. My career enables me to feed my passion for fashion, travel and culture.. I feel extremely fortunate."

Blogging came naturally for Daniella while she was living in Italy. What started off as an outlet for her to share her life there with her family through photographs, quickly became a popular site with a large following and traffic of 10k visitors a day. "It was shocking to me at first that so many people were interested in what I was sharing. But it made me quickly realize that I had a new found passion for being behind the camera. The fact that I was able be the creative director of my own story was exhilarating for me."

Daniella invites you to follow along with her on her journeys as she shares with you her love for fashion, travel, health and a life of style.